Guillermo A. Sollano 

We are storytellers by nature. We love to capture stories with our pictures by combining our passion for life with a keen eye for capturing special and candid moments. This is Greater Art Soulutions.

Guillermo A. Sollano is a Mexican immigrant whose passion for photography began when he started taking photographs using his grandfather’s camera. As a result photography has been a constant throughout his life.

More than just a photographer, Guillermo has a passion for the arts in all its forms. He is a writer, painter, a theater actor and director, a life coach and an activist for social justice and equal possibilities for all. 

Guillermo wants his business, and photography, to be a platform of  inspiration for the world to travel, discover, collaborate, transcend and make a difference in his community. If he inspired you to travel, to read, to believe you can be anything you want, to have a desire to live an intentional life … his life was worth it.

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